Jeff Denis is the Parts Manager at Marcotte Ford with over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Jeff’s background as a technician also provided him with valuable knowledge of cars and parts, giving him a strong foundation to build on as he found his way in the parts industry.

Navigating a Varied Career Path

Jeff’s career trajectory within the automotive industry was not a conventional one. Starting as a technician at a Ford dealership, he transitioned to become a service advisor before ultimately finding his calling as a parts manager. With his unique career path, Jeff brings a diverse skill set and comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within a dealership.

Overcoming Challenges with Inexperience

Despite having no prior parts management experience, Jeff attributes his success to the freedom from preconceived notions. His lack of a predetermined approach allowed him to find innovative solutions and explore new strategies without being bound by conventional methodologies. This inexperience, initially perceived as a hurdle, ultimately proved to be a critical factor in shaping his adaptability and problem-solving abilities.

The Transition from Service to Parts

Jeff’s transition from the service department to parts management provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by both sides. Having worked as a service advisor, he gained a deep appreciation for the importance of collaboration between service and parts departments. His diverse experience underscores the significance of cultivating a holistic dealership environment, where all departments work cohesively to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Balancing Wholesale Business and Inventory Management

With 16 team members in the parts department, Jeff sheds light on the complexities of managing wholesale business within a competitive market. Emphasizing the dealership’s focus on mechanical parts and fleet work, he highlights the importance of niche specialization in catering to specific customer segments. This strategic approach enables the dealership to position itself as a one-stop commercial vehicle solution provider.

Navigating Manufacturer Programs and Inventory Control

Jeff reflects on the challenges posed by manufacturer programs such as Ford’s RIM program. While these programs drive inventory expansion, Jeff outlines the complexities of balancing space, budget constraints, and the need for efficient stock ordering. He also discusses the dynamic nature of inventory management, where real-time inventory needs don’t always align with automated ordering programs, necessitating additional manual oversight to ensure optimal stock levels.

Leveraging Technology and Data for Parts Management

One of the critical elements Jeff highlights is the utilization of technology and data to streamline inventory management. He emphasizes the necessity of a multi-source inventory approach, citing the benefits of precise data analysis and organization in optimizing inventory levels. This insight underscores the importance of leveraging technology to handle the intricacies of parts management effectively.

Conclusion: Embracing Complexity in Parts Management

Jeff Denis’ perspective offers a comprehensive view of the multifaceted role of parts management within a dealership. From navigating inventory challenges to the nuances of wholesale business, his insights shed light on the complexities faced by parts managers in today’s dynamic automotive landscape. Embracing technological tools while ensuring a holistic understanding of dealership operations is key to effectively managing a successful parts department. Jeff’s journey exemplifies the versatility and adaptability required for thriving in the constantly evolving world of automotive parts management.



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  1. Leverage technology.
  2. Manage manufacturer and space constraints.
  3. Prioritize efficient inventory management.


“When we have the sources set up properly, all the pricing is worked out.” –Jeff Denis


Jeff Denis



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