The powertool

for your Parts Department

Your Parts Department is part of the backbone of your Dealership and is responsible for nearly half of all Dealership profits. With our consulting  and technology, you will be able to maximize your Parts Department’s potential and take your inventory to the next level. 

Between managing the DMS, manufacturer programs, employees, customers and everything else, Parts Managers have a lot on their plate. 

Oftentimes we find that Parts Managers know what they need to do, they just don’t have the tools or resources to be more proactive with their inventories. 

Increase DMS utilization through settings, price codes, labor types, sources and source accounting.

Get Parts Manager training and support.


Maximize Manufacturer ASR Programs to improve optimization and compliance while reducing overstocking.

Increase Gross Profit  without sale proofing your parts. 


Inventory reports that make sense.

The Results

By implementing the PartsEdge service into your operation you can expect to see these results or better!


Less Total Inventory



Higher ROI



Increase in Parts Sales



Less Idle Inventory

What our clients say about PartsEdge

PartsEdge is the perfect mix of human and robot. They will automatically optimize inventory based on the data AND they also take personal input from the everyday operations to create a hybrid of human and computer. Within a dealership, we are always looking for ways to cut costs and the last thing I would ever cut is PartsEdge.

Jeff Denis

Parts Manager, Marcotte Ford -

In one year we have reduced total inventory by 35% while our productive inventory increased reduced obsolescence by 58% and our technical obsolescence by 72%.

Greg Dimond

Parts Manager, Volkswagen SouthTowne -

With the tools offered by the PartsEdge, I doubled my monthly gross profit dollar total within 16 months.

Jason Boyd

Parts Manager

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