Your parts department is the backbone of your dealership and is responsible for nearly half of your total profits, according to NADA. Our system works within your DMS for a hybrid approach that combines the precision of automation with the nuanced decision-making of parts experts.

The results

By implementing our monthly service our clients experience on average:


less total inventory


Higher ROI


Or more increase in parts sales


Or more reduction in obsolete inventory

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What our clients say about PartsEdge

PartsEdge is the perfect mix of human and robot. They will automatically optimize inventory based on the data AND they also take personal input from the everyday operations to create a hybrid of human and computer. Within a dealership, we are always looking for ways to cut costs and the last thing I would ever cut is PartsEdge.

Jeff Denis
Parts Manager, Marcotte Ford -

PartsEdge does amazing work. They have saved me countless hours of work with what they do. Most parts managers don’t believe me when I tell them how clean my inventory is with PartsEdge’s assistance.

Working with the PartsEdge team is always a pleasure. They take the time to answer any questions that I may have and have assisted in everything from building our buyback returns to creating custom reports.

Jason Brunswick
Parts Manager, Bill Jacobs Range Rover -

PartsEdge ensures the health of my inventory and custom pricing formulas remain sound while liberating hours a week from the tedium of source movements. They also are able to provide insightful observations and reporting to help identify issues and/or enhance the opportunity.

My time is better spent managing the department in a multitude of other valuable ways. PartsEdge also is a great resource for engineering solutions for pricing and sourcing strategies, providing custom reporting such as assessment of price matrix efficacy, helping to evaluate and resolve hiccups in stocking strategies.

Robin Fennimore
Parts Manager, Honda City of Long Island -

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