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Holden Scott is the Executive Manager at Regal Nissan. With a robust background as a former Fixed Operations Director, he now thrives in a role that allows him to lead other leaders across the entire dealership. His commitment to leadership and vision has enabled him to execute innovative strategies and bring his ideas to fruition, ensuring cohesive and efficient management across all facets of the business.


Embracing Parenthood with Twins

Holden Scott opens up about unique experiences of raising twins in our latest episode. He explains how twins are different from kids close in age. Host Kaylee Felio commends his resilience during the early stages of parenthood. Meanwhile, Kaylee shares her own daughter's caretaking behavior towards her sibling. These interactions offer a heartfelt look into the challenges and joys of parenting.


Commitment to Self-Improvement

Holden Scott is a strong believer in focusing on self-improvement. He emphasizes that improvements in one area can positively impact others. For example, he became a better runner, disciplined, and a voracious reader. These habits transformed him into a better person and leader. Consequently, Holden Scott inspires listeners to read and exercise, stressing that one need not start with ultra marathons.

The Mental Challenge of Ultra Marathons

When asked about his worst ultra marathon experience, Holden Scott dives into the mental challenges. He explains the problem-solving needed to navigate physical and nutritional demands in long races. These experiences, in turn, build mental fortitude. Moreover, Holden Scott applies this mental resilience to challenging work situations. Kaylee acknowledges this, highlighting the application of mental strength in business.

Overcoming Mental Barriers

Holden Scott discusses the importance of pushing past mental barriers in both running and business. He emphasizes how the mind plays a vital role in overcoming challenges. This is especially true when facing the fear of the unknown. Kaylee agrees, pointing out that constant changes in business and life require pushing through discomfort.

A Story of a King and a Rock

To illustrate his point further, Holden Scott shares a quote from Marcus Aurelius and a story about a king and a rock. This story emphasizes that obstacles can lead to personal and professional improvement. However, this is only true if approached with the right mindset. Kaylee relates by citing how obstacles and changes have led to her personal growth and professional development.

Holden Scott's Auto Industry Journey

We also delve into Holden Scott’s professional journey. Holden started in the auto business in parts. He disliked writing service but then transitioned to selling cars. Eventually, he moved back to the fixed ops side. Now, he serves as the executive manager at a Nissan store. Holden employs leadership concepts from variable to fixed ops, aiming to inspire change.

Launching a New Brand

Holden Scott helped launch a new brand, the Ineos Grenadier, in Roswell, Georgia. He oversaw service parts and experienced the challenges of building a new brand. They faced obstacles in communication, vision, and warranty processes. Yet, due to their smaller size and adaptability, they quickly adjusted. This flexibility allowed them to implement improvements swiftly.

Staffing Challenges and New Approaches

Holden shares challenges in finding service technicians and growth in techs with long tenure. This led to a lack of space for apprentice and technician spots in the express department. Consequently, he managed to move two express people to advance their careers with a different brand. Additionally, the dealership adopts a fresh approach to hiring salespeople. They recruit from outside traditional industries for this role.

Updates on Off-Road Vehicles

Holden also talks about the latest off-road vehicle models from Toyota and Lexus. These updates reflect the evolving automotive landscape, offering more choices for enthusiasts. This discussion underscores Holden’s deep involvement and insight in the industry.

Ultra Running Journey

Holden shares his journey in ultra running, from being a gym rat to completing an 82-mile race in 18 hours. He offers inspiration to those hesitant about starting to run. Kaylee similarly discusses her fear of starting running and finding it as a means of self-improvement.

Final Thoughts

This episode beautifully intertwines personal stories and professional insights. It offers listeners inspiration to take on challenges, whether in parenting, self-improvement, or business. Holden Scott’s journey speaks volumes about resilience and the power of mental fortitude. Therefore, tune in and be inspired to push past your own limits.




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  1. Personal growth fuels professional success.
  2. Mental Fortitude is key.
  3. Look beyond traditional roles.



“You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable at times.” -Holden Scott



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