Scott Rutherford is the interim parts director of the Mike Maroone Auto Group. He is the parts manager of Mike Maroone Chevrolet North Store, and the Mike Maroone Volkswagen Store in Colorado Springs. He specializes in optimizing stock levels, managing returns, and ensuring that technicians have the necessary supplies to perform their tasks without interruption.

Effective Mentorship:

Scott emphasized the significance of mentorship in enabling the growth of new parts managers. His advice underscored the value of providing resources, fostering open communication, and actively training to empower the development of emerging professionals within the field.

Strategies for Inventory Control:

Central to the discussion were Scott’s practical approaches to inventory management, including proactive adaptation to industry shifts, efficient management of inventory obsolescence, and leveraging advanced reporting tools like PartsEdge to refine inventory control strategies.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Scott highlighted the importance of leveraging technology and advanced reporting tools to harness data for informed decision-making in parts management, emphasizing the role of data in shaping effective operational strategies.

Collaboration in Dealership Operations:

The discourse emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration between parts and service departments in striving for enhanced guest satisfaction, emphasizing the importance of aligning goals and maintaining open communication to ensure efficient operations.

Continual Learning and Retirement Anticipation:

Scott’s reflections on continual learning and industry networking underscored the enduring value of professional development, while painting a picture of retirement anticipation within an atmosphere of collaborative, supportive dealership operations.


Scott Rutherford’s insights offer a practical roadmap for mentoring new parts managers, implementing effective inventory control measures, harnessing data for informed decision-making, fostering collaboration, and embracing continual learning within the automotive industry. His experiences provide a compelling case for the dynamic nature of parts management and the enduring benefits of mentorship, collaboration, and evolving with industry advancements.



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  1. Mentorship enhances skills in parts management.
  2. Collaboration boosts dealership success.
  3. Technology optimizes inventory efficiency.


“I want to retire while I’m still young enough to enjoy it and get around.” –Scott Rutherford


Scott Rutherford


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