Ryan Else is currently the Corporate Fixed Operations Director of Eide Motors. He began his automotive career in 2002 as a technician at Ford, fresh from tech school. Over the next 12 years, his expertise and commitment to excellence propelled him to the rank of Senior Master Ford Technician.

Overcoming Challenges in the Automotive Industry:

With over a decade of experience, Ryan Else has encountered a myriad of challenges in the automotive industry, and one of the key issues faced is the shortage of skilled technicians. This challenge is widespread in the industry; however, Ryan emphasizes the importance of motivating and supporting existing technicians through creative and innovative approaches. Notably, he mentions that while financial incentives are essential, showing genuine appreciation for the technicians’ hard work plays a significant role in maintaining motivation and morale.

Impact of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the Automotive Sector:

As the automotive industry gradually transitions into embracing electric vehicles (EVs), professionals like Ryan are preparing for the shift. Acknowledging the potential impact of EVs on the industry, Ryan highlights the need for meticulous planning and investment in tools and chargers. He notes, however, that there is still uncertainty surrounding the widespread adoption of EVs and the readiness of the technology. This presents an ongoing challenge for the industry to adapt and innovate in preparation for potential shifts in consumer demand.

Insight into the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Automotive Services:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming various industries, including automotive services. Ryan expresses a shift in perspective from initial skepticism to recognizing the benefits of AI in automating routine tasks. Using an example of an AI-generated job advertisement, he illustrates the time-saving potential of AI in streamlining administrative processes. He also foresees the potential for AI to handle appointment scheduling and post-service follow-ups, offering a glimpse into the future of automotive customer engagement and service management.

Enhancing Customer Engagement and Communication:

In the conversation, the need for improved customer engagement and communication post-service is highlighted. Ryan discusses the potential for the development of an interactive app that provides customers with detailed service history, maintenance plans, and notifications for upcoming service needs. Such technology has the potential to enhance the overall customer experience, providing transparency and personalized communication, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Leveraging Technology for Parts Inventory Management:

One of the critical aspects of Ryan’s role involves overseeing parts inventory management. He emphasizes the significance of implementing efficient systems to address issues such as obsolescent parts. Through leveraging technology and the utilization of comprehensive reporting tools, such as the 13-month no sale, no receipt report provided by PartsEdge, Ryan has established a system to accurately identify and manage obsolete inventory. This approach has effectively bridged the gap between the parts managers and accounting office, ensuring clear and reliable inventory management practices.

The Vital Role of Data Analytics and Team Collaboration:

Ryan also emphasizes the importance of data analytics and collaborative team meetings in tracking trends and making informed decisions. By having regular collaborative sessions and exploring data-driven insights, his team can proactively identify and address potential challenges in inventory and service department operations.


Ryan Else’s valuable experiences and insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolving dynamics within the automotive industry. As the industry continues to navigate technological shifts and changing consumer preferences, the strategic approaches and innovative utilization of resources shared by Ryan serve as valuable lessons for professionals aiming to thrive in the increasingly complex automotive sector.



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“It’s not always about pay. Sometimes it’s about just showing appreciation for your technicians.” –Ryan Else


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