Jaime Macias serves as the Interim Fixed Ops Director of the CASA Auto Group, playing a pivotal role in overseeing service operations across their automotive dealerships. His leadership is integral to ensuring the group’s commitment to customer service and operational excellence.

From Sales to Service Excellence

Jaime Macias’ entry into the automotive world began with ambition. Initially aiming for the used car manager position, he started as a salesperson. Eventually, his passion for reconditioning vehicles flourished. Today, Jaime’s acute skills in valuation shine in his work.

Centralized Recon Centers and Relationship Building

Furthermore, Jaime’s journey highlights the importance of centralized recon centers. These hubs streamline the reconditioning process. Consequently, they are crucial to efficiency and profitability. Likewise, the implementation of a car watch system at his dealership reinforces this innovative drive. Moreover, Jaime understands the value of trust. He commits to improving employee working conditions. Employee satisfaction is a priority, leading to quarterly surveys aiming for constant improvement. Thus, the dealership’s operations benefit immensely from these efforts.

Principles of Success

Moving forward, Jaime highlights his five principles for success. These include measuring performance and modeling good behavior. Also, building trust and rapport is key. Handling difficult conversations and communicating clear expectations round out his strategy. Jaime once used five pennies as a reminder. Each penny represented a goal to give a good compliment. This practice helped to balance criticism, proving effective in his leadership role.

Navigating Compensation and Training

Furthermore, Jaime advises against immediate changes to pay plans post-acquisition. Understanding and training are vital. Taking Ford classes, for example, allowed Jaime to gain broader insights. Consequently, this enhanced his department’s synergy with the rest of the dealership.

Adjusting to Market Dynamics

Jaime discusses the delicate process of maintaining and adjusting margins. He notes a specific case of a $50 price increase. This reflects how staying alert to market conditions is essential. With Kaylee, he shares the significance of a diligent, ongoing review of such processes.

Path of Constant Learning

Jaime reflects on his rise from porter to service manager. His story accentuates the need for continuous learning. As well, it underlines the value of hard work in the industry.

Balancing Professional and Personal Growth

Both Jaime and Kaylee recognize the challenges of work-life balance. They agree on the necessity of building strong industry relationships. As a result, a support network forms, pivotal for personal and business growth.

Finding Solutions with PartsEdge

Jamie’s encounter with PartsEdge came through a corporate transition. Initially skeptical, he embraced PartsEdge after in-depth assessments and discussions. The tool revolutionized inventory management across new acquisitions. Moreover, it won over parts managers with its time-saving capabilities.

Overcoming Obsolescence with Smarter Inventory

Before PartsEdge, Jaime faced forced inventory and obsolescence challenges. These issues tied up valuable capital. However, PartsEdge offered solutions. It streamlined sourcing and managing parts effectively. This was especially useful for smaller departments.

Conclusion: Empowerment through Innovation and Empathy

Jaime Macias champions innovation and efficiency within the automotive industry. His work with CASA Autogroup demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement. Be it establishing recon centers or embracing novel inventory systems like PartsEdge. Moreover, Jaime prioritizes human connections. He emphasizes empathy and understanding individual needs.

His insights on the Parts Girl Podcast resonate with many. By sharing his story, Jaime illuminates a path to success. It’s a path that blends technological advancement with a deep appreciation for employee well-being. Above all, Jaime Macias demonstrates that through dedication and strategic planning, one can drive not just vehicles, but a whole industry forward.



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“My heart has always been in reconditioning vehicles and used cars. I’ve always loved it.” –Jaime Macias


Jaime Macias

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Website: www.casaautogroup.com

Kaylee Felio

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