Bob Ghent is the Dealer Principal and Owner of Ghent Chevrolet. His journey from the car wash to owning the dealership demonstrates his deep commitment to the automotive industry and the Northern Colorado community, emphasizing not just business success but also civic involvement and quality service​.

Bob Ghent from Ghent Motors uncovered the remarkable story of their dealership–a legacy spanning over three generations. From its humble beginnings in 1942, Ghent Motors has weathered numerous adversities and emerged as a thriving Chevrolet and Cadillac dealership in Greeley, Colorado.

Bob Ghent’s insight into the history and evolution of the dealership shed light on the challenges faced by automotive businesses over the years. One of the most engaging aspects of the conversation was Bob’s firsthand account of navigating through the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resilience and innovation that propelled Ghent Motors to a record year despite the challenges.

He also discussed the pivotal role of effective parts management in the dealership’s success. This led to the partnership with PartsEdge, providing them with comprehensive support for inventory optimization, compliance, and strategic decision-making.



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  1. Embrace family legacy and resilience.
  2. Adapt and innovate amid challenges.
  3. Value external insights for growth.


“There’s the tech side of it that comes into it to make sure that the parts are in stock, and PartsEdge helps us with that.” –Bob Ghent


Bob Ghent



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