In many ways, the future car is already here. With smart-phone reminiscent dashboards and self-driving progress made daily, the slow and steady march towards the smart-car / leisure pod is ongoing. Though the future of car interiors is rather predictable (they’ll become more like living spaces and less like vehicles), there are some evolutions that will take place in the time between. Today we’ll dive a bit deeper to imagine what the future interior will look like- now and later.

The impact of 2020

To envision the near future interior, we must first dive into consumer trends. Perspectives on individual cars are changing rapidly. Because of the isolation of the pandemic, vehicles became a refuge, escape pod, and travel companion. As the industry recovered, experts noticed trends in buying behavior, suggesting many are seeking newer, bigger, electric vehicles and they want to find it from the comfort of their couch. For now, we expect car interiors to reflect the desire for an escape with an emphasis on adaptability, luxury, and space. This includes the aforementioned smart dash, as well as autonomous assistance and corrective driving capabilities.

Partially autonomous vehicles

Before fully autonomous cars, we’ll have lots of stages of capability in between- and with that- a demand for a different types of interiors. Computerized everything- from touchscreen interfaces to diagnostics and repair. Safety improvements will only be amplified with the introduction of 5G via interconnected vehicle features. The interiors will likely reflect this in-between stage with slowly changes interior spaces that more and more reflect the part-time relaxation use of vehicles. Even in 2021, vehicles that do more than just driving are likely to continue to see an uptick in sales. Think sprinter vans and RV’s. 

The moving living room

Once vehicles become fully autonomous with the majority on the roadways fully autonomous, the sky is the limit for interiors. We expect that for the near 50-100 year future, folks will want the ability to still drive a vehicle. But eventually driving itself will become more of a hobbyist industry with most commuters opting for the fully autonomous option. I mean, can you blame them? Imagine getting into your fully autonomous vehicle, usong a voice command to input your destination, confirming it on the display, then sitting back and do- well whatever! From office space to full rest, the future interior will likely have the ability to morph like a swiss army knife to adapt to the passenger. 

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