Allie Peters is the Vice President of Service of the Cavender Auto Group, known for her dynamic leadership and innovative approach in the automotive industry. Her career, marked by a rapid rise from Service Advisor to a key executive role, reflects her dedication to service excellence and team-driven success.

Navigating Career Growth:

Allie Peters’ transition from FixOps to VP of Service highlights the significance of proactively showcasing one’s strengths and doing the job before getting the job. Allie emphasizes the importance of helping others and taking ownership in creating opportunities for growth, inspiring listeners to take a proactive approach to career advancement.

Implementing Standards for Employee Performance:

Allie discusses the process of transitioning employees from working 10 hours a week to meeting minimum performance standards, stressing the importance of setting clear expectations and not compromising on industry standards. The analogy of Nick Saban’s sports team standards resonates, underlining the necessity of clear guidelines to drive performance and success.

Prioritizing Personal Wellness:

In a relatable discussion on personal wellness and health, Allie acknowledges the challenges of maintaining consistency amid busy schedules. Her determination to prioritize wellness and emulate her husband’s consistent habits serves as an inspiration for listeners striving to achieve work-life balance. The intention to create a supportive group around this common struggle adds a community element to the conversation.

Overcoming Challenges and Seeking Support:

Allie reflects on her career journey and the impact of external discouragement, emphasizing the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. Her experience with her colleague Mike’s unwavering support highlights the significance of having a cheerleader and motivator in one’s corner. Kaylee reinforces the importance of having a support system to navigate challenges and doubts.

Implementing Performance Management Plan:

The conversation shifts to the implementation of a performance management plan with minimum expectations for employee performance. Allie’s plan to regularly evaluate employee performance echoes the significance of setting and reviewing expectations to drive success. Kaylee’s suggestion to revisit the plan’s success at the end of the year adds a compelling follow-up angle.

Looking Ahead:

Allie shares her excitement for upcoming industry events like NADA, highlighting the value of networking and professional development in propelling career growth. The camaraderie and mutual support between Allie and Kaylee in their plans to attend NADA underscore the power of encouragement and collaboration in professional circles.


Allie Peters’ insightful conversation on career growth, employee standards, personal wellness, and seeking support offers a wealth of inspiration and practical advice for professionals navigating their career paths. Her experiences serve as a reminder of the importance of perseverance, support systems, and personal well-being in achieving success and fulfillment in the workplace.



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  1. Do the job before having the job.
  2. Setting clear standards is crucial.
  3. Support and belief are invaluable.


“Have someone in your corner telling you that you’re capable of it.” –Allie Peters


Allie Peters



Kaylee Felio