Steve Greenfield is the founder and general partner of Automotive Ventures, a global seed-stage mobility investor partnering with exceptional founders. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive technology space, he embarked on his career in 1999, selling software to car dealers, and has overseen more than $1 billion in automotive technology acquisitions.

The Role of Mentorship in Steve’s Journey

Throughout the episode, Steve Greenfield emphasizes the significance of mentorship in his career journey. He expresses gratitude for the mentors who have guided him through various phases of his entrepreneurial path. Their expertise and support have helped him navigate significant changes and make successful transitions.

Adapting in the Wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges for the automotive industry. However, dealerships found unexpected success in both front-end and back-end sales. As the industry slowly returns to normalcy, dealerships need to focus on sustaining the momentum by generating more business. This requires sharpening employee skills and maximizing efficiency. Companies like Automotive Ventures help dealerships by providing training and technological tools to optimize current resources and boost revenue.

Anticipating the Rise of A.I. in Automotive

Looking ahead to the coming year, Steve Greenfield predicts that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will be a dominant theme in the automotive industry. While it may seem like an overused term, Steve encourages practical application. Instead of merely considering A.I. as a buzzword, dealerships should explore how it can enhance their operations and make their current employees more productive.

Embracing Change for Future Success

Whether through training or adopting new technologies, dealerships can leverage A.I. to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and meet customer demands effectively. As the industry continues to evolve, staying informed and adapting to changes will be crucial for success. Tune in to the Parts Girl Podcast for more thought-provoking conversations and knowledge sharing!



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  1. Embrace the power of mentorship.
  2. Focus on generating business and sharpening employee skills.
  3. Embrace AI as a tool to increase shop efficiency.


“Luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.” –Steve Greenfield


Steve Greenfield



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