Justin Pomeroy is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader who founded and serves as Vice President of Fixed Operations & Income Development of Foundation Auto Corp, a leading provider of automotive solutions in North America.

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, embracing growth, learning, and persistence can pave the way for success. In today’s episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio sat down with Justin Pomeroy, a seasoned professional in the field, to discuss his journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

Early Career Development and Knowledge Seeking

In the early stages of his career as a service advisor, Justin actively sought knowledge by initiating conversations with seasoned professionals on LinkedIn. By regularly consulting experts in this manner, Justin Pomeroy gradually expanded his understanding of daily tasks, reports, and pay plans, steadily honing his skills over time. Above all, Justin Pomeroy emphasizes being open to learning by putting ego aside.

The Importance of Persistence in Relationship-Building

As his career progressed, the value of persistence in relationship-building became increasingly apparent to Justin Pomeroy, especially when navigating complex interpersonal situations. Navigating the automotive industry inevitably involves challenges, particularly when dealing with difficult managers. However, Justin persisted through these complex situations with great patience and relationship building.

Mastering Communication in a Service-Focused Industry

In addition to actively seeking knowledge and persisting in building relationships, Justin Pomeroy stresses the immense importance of communication in the heavily service-focused automotive industry. In an industry where customer satisfaction is crucial, Justin Pomeroy learned to maintain composure and engage in effective communication to defuse conflicts.

Empowering Others with Lessons Learned

Through the lessons learned in his extensive career journey, Justin Pomeroy has gained critical insights that can greatly empower other professionals in the automotive industry. His advice serves as an inspiration for how embracing continuous growth, learning from both positive and negative experiences, and persisting through daunting challenges can ultimately lead to fulfillment and success in the automotive field.



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  1. Consult experts to enhance understanding and growth.
  2. Communication builds strong work relationships and resolves conflicts.
  3. Persistence and common ground drive positive outcomes.


“If you fix a person’s problem–whether they’re mad or not, you’re going to be the hero in the situation.” –Justin Pomeroy


Justin Pomeroy

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/justin-pomeroy-293a4b36

Website: www.foundationauto.com

Kaylee Felio

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Website: www.partsedge.com