Electric vehicles have certainly made some big splashes in 2023, with sales surging and some potentially interesting supply and demand dynamics on the horizon. It’s a transformative era in the automotive world, to be sure! Today we’ll explore all the latest trends and reflect on how things have evolved since our previous perspectives on this topic. The electric opportunity we recognized back in March 2022, has indeed evolved. It’s not just a promise anymore; it appears to be a reality shaping the industry’s future.

The EV sales surge

According to a Cox Automotive report, more car buyers than ever before are choosing EVs with a 48.4% increase in Q2 2023 from Q2 2022”. Not only that, in a survey, 53% of respondents thought that EVs would eventually replace ICE-powered vehicles. Interestingly, only 31% of dealers agreed on the same question. This is not just a passing trend; it’s a fundamental shift in consumer preferences. The data tells a story of EVs becoming more than just a choice; they’re becoming the choice for many. 

The plateau debate

Discussions about a potential plateau in EV sales, as discussed in this Business Insider article, raise questions about the trajectory of EV adoption. While some speculate about a plateau, it’s crucial to remember that this phase might indicate a maturation of the EV market rather than a halt in its growth. The competition among automakers may drive further innovation and broaden the appeal of EVs.

The supply-demand equation

Growth often comes with growing pains. According to Axios, the accumulation of unsold EVs on dealer lots raises questions about supply and demand dynamics. It’s a reminder that aligning production with consumer interest is a delicate balancing act. Managing this equilibrium is crucial to sustaining the momentum of the EV market. With the reported swell of 350% in nationwide EV supply this year, it seems very possible a leveling effect will take place in the upcoming quarters. 

In 2023, we find ourselves in a year of reflection and progress within the EV landscape. The past is not a rigid template but rather a foundation for understanding the present and future. As we look ahead, EV growth continues to be a reflection of the adaptability and innovation of the automotive industry.

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