Paul Daly is the founder and CEO of ASOTU: Automotive State of the Union, the only Dealer-owned media publisher in the Automotive Industry. He created it in response to the chaos and fear of the COVID shutdown in early 2020 with the founding belief that “When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win.” Kyle Mountsier then joined the vision in 2021, emphasizing the belief that a focused community can truly shift the culture and perception of the retail automotive industry.

In this episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio sits down with special guests Kyle Mountsier and Paul Daly. Together, they delve into their shared passion for the auto industry and their efforts to change its perception. They also discuss their collaboration, upcoming events, and their belief in the power of community and engagement within the industry.

Event Organization and Consistency

The episode kicks off with a lively discussion about an event they organized, where they made sure all the booths had a consistent look without extravagant decorations, creating a cost-efficient and user-friendly experience for both large and small companies.

Humorous Parts Picking Experience

The conversation then takes a humorous turn as they recount their experience of picking parts based on a list provided by a parts manager. The process proves challenging and time-consuming, leading to a hilarious but memorable experience.

Showcasing the Auto Industry’s People

Throughout the episode, Kyle and Paul Daly stress the importance of showcasing the people who work in different roles within the automotive industry, such as parts departments, technicians, and salespeople. They aim to challenge negative stereotypes and highlight the passion and sense of community that exists within these establishments. Their collaboration includes organizing events, providing insights, and even creating a TV series called “More Than Cars”, which tells inspiring stories of real people in dealerships who have made a difference in their communities.

Upcoming Event: ASOTU CON

This discussion leads to their upcoming event, ASOTU CON, where they plan to continue sharing the thoughts and expertise of industry leaders, creating an engaging platform for industry professionals worldwide.

Join Kaylee, Kyle, and Paul in this inspiring and entertaining episode as they work towards elevating the auto industry’s culture and changing its perception, one story at a time.

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🗓 September 25-27, 2023

📍 Baltimore, MD


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  1. Foster a strong community.
  2. Challenge negative stereotypes.
  3. Embrace the power of collaboration.


“Love people more than you love cars.” –Kyle Mountsier

“What we’ve done is really curated an environment and experience throughout the whole event.” –Paul Daly


Paul Daly


Kyle Mountsier



Kaylee Felio