Angela Willoughby is a Fixed Operations Analyst at Foundation Automotive Corp, a company providing modern automotive solutions across North America. She has over 15 years leading teams to success through outstanding leadership, training, coaching, teamwork and positive attitude.

In the competitive world of automotive sales and service, maximizing dealership performance is crucial for success. In this Summer Camp Series episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio sat down with industry expert Angela Willoughby to delve into the key strategies and insights necessary to achieve outstanding results.

Building Strong Relationships for Success

Angela Willoughby stresses that forging ties with the right store leaders and understanding key metrics are foundational for success. Additionally, she underscores the need to grasp application ROI and to cultivate positive vendor relationships.

The Power of Application Utilization

Application usage is crucial for optimal dealership performance. Angela points out the importance of aiming for an 80-85% utilization rate and the value of consistent communication with vendors for best results.

Data Sorting: A Lego Analogy

Angela reveals her affinity for organization and Legos, drawing a unique comparison between puzzle assembly and data parsing. This highlights the significance of a systematic approach to data analysis.

Embracing Adaptability in Automotive

As the automotive world transforms, Angela underscores the importance of adaptability and integrating new tools. She champions team collaboration and alignment for successful adaptation.

Continuous Improvement and Learning

Angela’s concluding thoughts center on the need for continuous growth, whether through seeking new vendor insights or staying open to change, emphasizing that every dealership has potential for betterment.


  1. Understand reporting and performance metrics.
  2. Maximize your application utilization to achieve optimal results.
  3. Embrace adaptability in the ever-evolving automotive industry.


“The number one thing to be successful in the automotive industry is adaptability.” –Angela Willoughby


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