Corey Smith is a highly experienced fixed operations expert and trainer, currently working as the National Fixed Ops Training Manager at APCO Holding’s National Auto Care. With over 25 years in the automotive industry, Corey is dedicated to assisting service departments in improving their performance and growing their revenue. In this episode, Kaylee spoke with Corey about the ever-evolving automotive landscape, the critical role of training and processes in service departments, and the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

As technology continues to play a more crucial role in the automotive sector, service departments must adapt by embracing new tools and processes to offer better customer experiences. In particular, video multi-point inspections have seen rapid growth. Technicians now capture their findings on video, providing customers with a clearer and more informative view of their vehicle’s condition. Moreover, Corey believes that with proper incentives and training, technicians can quickly overcome any initial resistance and reap the benefits.

Moreover, the automotive industry faces the growing risk of cyber attacks, which dealerships and service departments must prioritize to protect their systems and educate their staff on potential threats. Corey highlights that cyber attacks can result in significant financial losses and harm a dealership’s reputation, making it essential to address this issue proactively.

In addition, Corey emphasizes the importance of proper training and processes for improving service department performance. By training advisors, technicians, and parts personnel, they can better understand their roles and work more effectively. By investing in training and support, dealerships can enhance customer experiences, increase profitability, and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

In conclusion, embracing new technologies and addressing cybersecurity are vital for service departments looking to succeed in today’s market. With the right training, processes, and support, dealerships can navigate these challenges and continue to provide exceptional customer experiences.


  1. Prioritize vehicle cybersecurity.
  2. Adapt or be left behind.
  3. Improve customer experience.


“There’s a 380% increase in automotive API cyber attacks in 2022.” –Corey Smith


Corey Smith




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