Ellen Haney is a Dealership Parts Manager at Jeff Schmitt Nissan, a company offering a wide selection of vehicles and making the car buying process as quick and hassle free as possible.

In this Summer Camp Series episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, Kaylee Felio sits down with Ellen Haney, a parts manager with a passion for efficient inventory management. Ellen shares her experiences and expertise, shedding light on the crucial role of the parts department in a dealership and offering valuable advice for smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management Insights

Ellen Haney emphasizes the importance of inventory management and highlights the key roles within her team, including the counter-person and parts manager. They collaborate to manage parts orders, delivery, and obsolescence prevention.

Communication and Employee Significance

Communication and fostering a sense of importance within the dealership are vital to Ellen’s strategy. The team should recognize their value and the support they offer, especially when handling special order parts and customer notifications.

Emphasizing Efficiency and Collaboration

Ellen and her colleague stress open communication, understanding varying viewpoints, and the power of collaborative knowledge exchange. They value continuous learning and ensuring clear communication with technicians.

Enhancing Technician Communication

Ellen’s team goes above and beyond by providing visuals like pictures and diagrams to technicians, ensuring clarity in parts orders and minimizing assumptions.

Key Takeaways from the Episode

Throughout her discussion, Ellen Haney shares insights on optimal inventory management, maximizing manufacturer programs, and utilizing data from systems like CDK. She underscores the need for shared knowledge, a structured approach, and understanding the broader impact on the dealership.


  1. Communicate the importance of the parts department within the dealership.
  2. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are vital for success in inventory management.
  3. Excellent customer service towards technicians improves communication.


“My biggest thing is sharing knowledge. If you know something that someone else does not, do not put your ego in the way.” –Ellen Haney


Ellen Haney

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ellen-haney

Website: www.jeffschmittnissan.com

Phone: 713-320-9436

Kaylee Felio

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