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Weld County Garage

GMC Buick Wholesale Dealer

Greeley, Colorado


Reduction in overall obsolescence 


Reduction in non-rim obsolete parts


Total inventory investment reduction


Increase in productive actively selling parts


Reduction in forced inventory from special orders, etc.

“I think that the work PartsEdge does in the background correcting sources has been most helpful to [our] team. PartsEdge has played a part in increased profits through decreasing obsolescence and matrix pricing. PartsEdge’s team and approach are special because the team cares about our business and the system they implement works.

Scott Robins, Parts Manager

What our clients are saying

PartsEdge is the perfect mix of human and robot. They will automatically optimize inventory based on the data AND they also take personal input from the everyday operations to create a hybrid of human and computer. Within a dealership, we are always looking for ways to cut costs and the last thing I would ever cut is PartsEdge.

Jeff Denis

Parts Manager, Marcotte Ford -

Parts Edge ensures the health of my inventory and custom pricing formulas remain sound while liberating hours a week from the tedium of source movements. They also are able to provide insightful observations and reporting to help identify issues and/or enhance the opportunity.

My time is better spent managing the department in a multitude of other valuable ways. PartsEdge also is a great resource for engineering solutions for pricing and sourcing strategies, providing custom reporting such as assessment of price matrix efficacy, helping to evaluate and resolve hiccups in stocking strategies.

Robin Fennimore

Parts Manager, Honda City of Long Island -

In one year we have reduced total inventory by 35% while our productive inventory increased and obsolescence reduced by 58% and our technical obsolescence by 72%

Greg Dimond

Parts Manager, Volkswagen SouthTowne -

With the tools offered by PartsEdge, I doubled my monthly gross profit dollar total within 16 months.

Jason Boyd

Parts Manager, Tate Branch Auto Group -

I would recommend PartsEdge. They have cut down a lot of the time spent on reporting jobs and given me more free time. I spend less time creating reports or trying to diagnose issues which has given me more time to focus on growing the business.

Shawn Albertson

Parts Manager, Don K Auto Group -

PartsEdge is a tremendously powerful “Parts tool” that directly deals with the science of running a successful parts department. In my case, I refer to PartsEdge as my silent assistant manager. The system discreetly operates in the background of our department, doing the tasks that occupy valuable time.

James Salamon

Parts Manager, Huntington Honda -

PartsEdge has always been available and has directed our Parts Management Team in the direction that we need to look at to improve efficiencies and accurate parts department evaluation so it remains clean and functional.

Great support partner – in inventory control aiding our Managers a different way of managing their inventory to maximize the turns.

Michael Weldon

Fixed Operations, Director at Hansel Auto Group -

As you know these days a Parts Manager wears a lot of hats. There are not enough hours in a day to complete all of your tasks. PartsEdge makes my job a lot easier helping complete the tasks that need to be done daily.

Alan Dobbins

Parts Manager, Bob Stall Chevrolet -

We have been a client of Parts Edge in excess of 10 years. They are extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about the world of parts.

Terry Brunk

Parts Manager, Markley Motors -

The staff at PartsEdge is the most knowledgable in the industry. If you need help, don’t waste your time and just ask PartsEdge. Great peeps!

Steve Davis

Parts Manager, Lynnwood Honda -

PartsEdge is all around a great company and my inventory would not be where it is today without them. We work as a great team together!

Linda Paul

Parts Manager, Smail Honda -

PartsEdge does amazing work. They have saved me countless hours of work with what they do. Most parts managers don’t believe me when I tell them how clean my inventory is with PartsEdge’s assistance.

Working with the Parts Edge team is always a pleasure. They take the time to answer any questions that I may have, have assisted in everything from building our buyback returns to creating custom reports.

Jason Brunswick

Parts Manager, Bill Jacobs Range Rover -

Through changes in our parts team one thing remains constant: PartsEdge.

Bob Ghent

Ghent Motors -

Thanks to Parts Edge our parts departments continue to improve overall.

Joe Profeta

Parts and Service Director, Smail Auto Group -

Great people to work with. Never a question they can’t answer.

Tim Kreitel

Parts Manager, Eide Ford Lincoln -

I don’t ever have to think about it because I know it is always doing its job.

David Buckley

Parts Manager, Hansel Honda -

Helps in day to day jobs and is a great tool for any parts manager.

Lou Spero

Parts Manager, Honda of New Rochelle -

Maximizes parts gross and efficiency.

Tom Goodwin

Parts Manager, Markley Chevrolet -

Parts Edge has helped me keep my inventory turning and reduce aging. Chuck has been a great partner for us over the years.

Greg Joutras

Bill Jacobs Auto Group -

Great communication and feedback, always helpful.

John Blomquist

Parts Manager, Moss Bros -

PartsEdge is an invaluable resource, a huge time saver and it always exceeds expectations, I can’t imagine doing my job without it!

Dan Fuller

Parts Manager, Borman Autoplex -

Saves a ton of time and works great!

Dale Melvey

Parts Manager, Moss Brothers Group -

I inherited a very messy inventory when I was promoted to our store (Ford). PartsEdge helped turn things around quickly and now we’re on the right path to success. Chuck has always answered all of my questions in a professional and timely manner and his staff is very friendly.

Austin Howell

Don Davis Auto Group -

Level of service from PartsEdge is excellent.

Jim Gonzalez

Parts Director, Santa Monica Auto Group

World class inventory company! Very helpful and knowledgeable!

Jesus Colon

Parts Manager, Pellegrino Auto Group -

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