Kaylee Felio: I have Derrick Matheny here with John Elway, and we’re going to talk about his operation. He’s going to share with us his experience. And then we’re also going to talk about why he hired PartsEdge and kind of go into those details. So, Derek, tell us about your operation and just your history in your background.

Derrick Matheny: Okay. I work for John Elway Chevrolet here, and Englewood, Colorado. We’ve got about a $4 million inventory, a GM dealership. We do deliver to most of the state of Colorado. John Elway purchased the dealership in 2006 with his two partners, and I just came on board about six years ago. PartsEdge was already here before that time and you guys have been just a valuable asset for us.

KF: Awesome. So we were there just a couple months before you started so we were just getting started. So going into that, how did you feel having PartsEdge in operation? Or what were some of the things that you were concerned about with your operation?

DM: I had come from a smaller dealership. We have more new core inventory than we had in our whole inventory at my previous dealership. So it’s a large operation to get your hands around and PartsEdge has just been invaluable in helping us to keep control of our large inventory. You guys helped with pretty much everything. Resourcing, changing price codes, helping us with returns just pretty much the whole operation

KF: Awesome. So that leads into my next question: How would you describe what we do for you? Because I know it’s different for everyone. I love asking this question. So just what do we do for you?

DM: So in the beginning, it was mainly sourcing. We’re a large power train dealership, and we like to do it manually, and we had parts floating in and out of sources where we didn’t want them and our pricing was incorrect. So you guys helped us with that. We’re much more maintained that way. And then it turned into, we had way too many parts on our shelf. In 2015 we had over 18,000 part numbers on our shelf. And the only return we’re doing was a RIM return. Now we’re doing two other returns during the month and you guys help us coordinate those you actually create an MRO 11, return a 9-11 month return, and help us get that. You guys have helped us clean up our inventory. We’re down under 14,000 part numbers in stock now. And our obsolescence is much more under control. 

KF: Awesome. Yeah. So it sounds like it’s just a way to enhance what you do. So you know what you need to do. But we just kind of help you get those things done.

DM: Correct, it would take us a lot longer. If I were to go in and create a return that will take me longer than sending an email and saying ‘hey, I want this return created’. And then it shows up in my inbox. And then I take it from there. So it’s a time saver, for sure.

KF: Definitely. And then  going back to when we first started working with you, we set up the system and organized the sourcing, and then just having that consistency everyday going in and organizing all the sources and making sure all the parts are in the right place. That’s just one less thing you have to worry about.

DM: Correct. Yeah, I don’t even mess with that at all anymore. I know you guys have it, everything’s taken care of.

KF: Awesome, yeah. Okay, is there anything you’d like to add with what we do or any advice you’d like to give any Parts Managers?

DM: Every time I call Chuck or Amber, you guys are great. If I need help- you know, recently, we’ve wanted to reduce our inventory a little bit and try to streamline it. And you guys are giving me great, great inspiration on that and helping me you know, places where to look and how to try to reduce the inventory. If I need a report built, you guys are awesome with that, great with the English statement on the CDK. And just awesome. I appreciate you guys very much. You free up time so I can actually sell parts.

KF: Good! That’s our goal. Well, I appreciate your time and your input on everything. And we appreciate doing business with you.

DM: Oh, thank you very much. I appreciate you guys.

KF: Thank you!