Greg Dimond

Parts Manager

Volkswagon SouthTowne

PartsEdge Client Since: 2018

“PartsEdge has been an enormous and much-needed help in our parts department. I joined Volkswagen SouthTowne about a year ago, mere days before PartsEdge started working with us here. I was amazed at the speed with which PartsEdge began to help us. Literally overnight, they had our inventory categorized, sourced and analyzed. They helped us set up our stock orders and stock returns and began tracking our successes.

In one year we have reduced total inventory by 35% while our productive inventory increased, reduced obsolescence by 58% and our technical obsolescence by 72%.

I am a parts manager with 25 years of dealership parts department experience. I have also had experience with coming into dealerships with inventory issues and I’ve been able to make improvements wherever I have gone. What I haven’t had, previous to this was the kind of help that PartsEdge has been.

The kind of things that I was looking to begin working on, PartsEdge was able to implement in one day. They have it down!

They know what they are doing. Each month you can see how things are progressing, both in your DMS reporting and with the reports that PartsEdge provides.

They are also extremely flexible and approachable. If you want something done, just email or call Chuck or his team and they will get it done. They will also bail you out if needed. One day, after leaving a bit early, I got a call from one of our team. Apparently, all of our inventory was show as bin location “0”. I surmised that someone (probably me) somehow batch-changed every part we had to that one bin.

After panicking for about 2 minutes, I realized that I had PartsEdge on my side.

I emailed Chuck from my phone (after 5 pm) and received a response that they would be able to restore bin locations from the previous day. That was it! In the morning everything was as it should be.

I can’t count the man-hours that they have saved us, not to mention improvements they have made that just wouldn’t have happened otherwise. PartsEdge has been, and will continue to be, a huge asset for our dealership.”