For those using Reynolds and Reynolds, March of 2018 marked the start of the massive migration from 6910 to ERA-IGNITE. Many of you have already migrated your commonly viewed reports in the past months.


If you haven’t already, We highly recommend that you seek out training on the ERA-IGNITE Dynamic Reporting system. We’ve noticed that when migrating reports from 6910 to ERA-IGNITE, some reports do not transfer exactly as they were entered in 6910 and no longer work the way they did before. If this happens at your dealership, there is no need to panic, as many of these issues can be resolved with just minor adjustments. The good news is that we think Dynamic Reporting is more user friendly than 6910 and will make it easier for dealerships to view the information they need to make the best decisions at all levels of the business.


ERA-IGNITE is a “new” experience for users and may require additional training for some dealerships. We receive continuous updates from our clients as the new software hits the field. We’ll share important tips as they come in right here. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Get in touch!