We often discuss new technology and how it aids your dealerships, however, we rarely discuss how to implement said technology. Change is tough. This 2009 studies shows that people prefer sticking to old ways rather than trying something new regardless of the benefit of the new option. Unconsciously, we all have a bias towards older things, but this tendency can wreak havoc on attempts to implement new technology and systems that are necessary for profitability. Today, we’ll investigate ways to implement new systems in your dealership without all the push-back.


Give Notice

This may seem obvious, but it often gets overlooked. When considering a new system or technology, let your team know as soon as possible! Ask your team members to research other alternatives and make suggestions. By including them in the selection process, they’re much more likely to be engaged in the implementation phase.


Prepare for Setbacks

Sometimes when new technology is first put in place, bewildered employees can interpret natural setbacks and learning curves as fatal flaws which can result in them not using or fully implementing the tools. By discussing the expected setbacks up-front, you can avoid breakdown along the road.


Gain Investment

Find as many ways as possible to include employees in the implementation of new software. By creating teams and assigning each a role, you can create accountability and motivation throughout your dealership.


Keep An Open Mind

Even if you do everything right, you’ll likely have a few employees that grumble about the inconvenience of the new system. Rather than ignoring or suppressing this feedback, listen well and empathize. Often, simply voicing frustrations is enough to let go and move forward.


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