We attended the National Automobile Dealers Association Show in Las Vegas this past weekend, what a great experience! Dealers today have access to so many great companies and powerful technologies helping them accomplish more than ever before in this ever-changing industry. There was a great lineup of workshops this year. Some of our favorites: Jim Roche with Xtime always puts on a great workshop, elegantly proving his point that Dealers need to catch up with how they offer service to their customers to accomplish the number one priority of customer retention. He also released a book called fastlane, we can’t wait to read it!


Jared Hamilton with DrivingSales discussed how digital marketing and technology have changed consumer behavior and the role of the modern sales manager. He gave great examples of the process of training excellent salespeople. According to Hamilton, focusing on building trust with the consumer by being transparent, flexible and likeable will keep you ahead of the competition. If you missed any of the workshops you can download the NADA Show App and view the Presentations and Handouts. It’s always great to be in an environment where everyone is working towards improvement.


There’s a huge focus on Service, as there should be, but don’t forget having the perfect parts inventory to service your market at the lowest investment possible is extremely important. We’ve heard several people say “my parts operation is making money, so it’s fine”. We challenge you to think about your parts operation differently; wouldn’t it be great to invest less money in your inventory and sell more parts? With the right tools and technology, it’s possible. PartsEdge was designed with the simple belief that the DMS can do more. You use the best technology for Sales, F&I, & Service, why wouldn’t you do the same for your parts operation?

Here’s to your success!


If you have any parts questions or would like to learn how we make your DMS work for you, get in touch!