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Join Kaylee Felio for conversations that level up the way we do business in the auto industry. In each episode, you will gain insight into the wins and struggles from automotive professionals across the industry.

You’ll leave feeling motivated, challenged, and ready to implement lessons that will make your Dealership stronger than ever before.

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Recent Guests

Corey Smith: Understanding the Risk of Cyber Attacks in Automotive

Corey Smith: Understanding the Risk of Cyber Attacks in Automotive

Corey Smith is a highly experienced fixed operations expert and trainer, currently working as the National Fixed Ops Training Manager at APCO Holding’s National Auto Care. With over two decades of experience in the automotive industry, Corey is passionate about assisting service departments in improving their performance and boosting their revenue. In this episode, Corey was interviewed by Kaylee to discuss the rapidly evolving automotive industry, the crucial role of training and processes in service departments, and the growing threat of cyber attacks.

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Tom Kline: What’s So Important About Risk Management

Tom Kline: What’s So Important About Risk Management

Tom Kline is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Better Vantage Point and, leveraging his 30+ years of experience as a former franchise dealership owner to help dealerships navigate complex challenges. He specializes in risk mitigation, compliance, and dispute resolution, providing tailored solutions for both publicly-held and private dealerships. In a recent conversation with Kaylee, Tom shared his family’s history in the car business and discussed the inception of his consulting business after selling their dealership in 2019.

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About Kaylee Felio

Podcast Host & PartsEdge Marketing & Sales Manager


With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Kaylee has a passion for helping Parts Managers and their operations to maximize potential profits. Initially working in the operations department, Kaylee developed a keen sense of day-to-day operational needs as well as gaps in resources and education. Putting this together with her growth mindset and heart of service, Kaylee transitioned into spreading the word about PartsEdge while sharing her parts expertise with the industry at large.

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