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The Future of the Industry: Early adopters

Despite recent press highlighting the difficulties and potential delays in self-driving technology, self-driving cars are still inevitable. The mainstream launch of these vehicles is certain to impact all sectors of the transportation industry, but some will likely adopt the technology sooner than others. Who will capitalize on this new industry first and last?


As with any new industry stimulating technology, those who adopt first are always those who can afford to purchase based on future profits despite the cost of the new equipment. Here’s who we think will be the early adopters in the self-driving future.



The shipping industry stands to make a massive profit by doing away with human drivers and shifting to self-driving. With no need for rest, these trucks can drive 24/7 increasing the amount of labor completed in the same amount of time. Although maintenance cost will likely be higher, they won’t need to pay salaries, benefits packages, PTO, or account for human error.


Taxi and Busing Services

Similar to trucking, by doing away with human drivers taxi and busing services can increase service by running vehicles 24/7 while decreasing costs in salaries. 



Self-guided farm equipment is already a reality, but fully autonomous farming equipment would change the rate and efficiency of factory farms overnight.  


Those who will probably experience a delayed impact of self-driving cars are sectors that are funded more by individuals or exist for human involvement and enjoyment.


Racing, Sports Cars, and Collecting

Since the impetus for racing, sports car culture, and collecting is the human joy of driving, it’s not likely this sector will be impacted quickly by self-driving cars. 


Individual Consumers

Even though the self-driving car will be marketed to the average consumer, it’s likely that the cost and ongoing maintenance cost will prevent individuals from leading the self-driving revolution. More likely, individuals will only experience self-driving tech when ridesharing or taking bus transit. 


Who do you think will adopt self-driving technology first and last? Leave a comment below!


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