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Honda City of Long Island Success Story

Robin Fennimore – Parts Manager

PartsEdge Client Since: 2003

“PartsEdge frees significant portions of my day from the tedium of source movements and fixed price management. My time is better spent managing the department in a multitude of other valuable ways. PartsEdge also is a great resource for engineering solutions for pricing and sourcing strategies, providing custom reporting such as assessment of price matrix efficacy, helping to evaluate and resolve hiccups in stocking strategies.

Finally, while I am certainly capable of building and modifying source controls, I am only called upon to do it a couple times a year, so it’s a convenient luxury to be able to just delegate that stuff to PartsEdge who do it daily and can “knock it out” without a half hour review and oops along the way.

PartsEdge makes the controls of the fixed price items and source by movement a seamless no brainer. And the broad range of tailored source controls has definitely resulted in a better fill rate to the shop (broader parts base) while significantly pairing down excess and obsolescence.

From a Parts Managers view, it liberates my time and reliably gets a lot done and allows me to do more. From a General Managers view, it would likely give significant comfort and security to know that what’s coming in is “at least” largely reasonable and just a reflection of demand and not some wacky ad hoc mess of guesswork, excuses, and assumptions. (at least this is being done to service the shop correctly)… especially with a weak or green manager/staff.”