Tate Branch Auto Group Success Story - PartsEdge
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Tate Branch Auto Group Success Story

Jason Boyd – Parts Director

Tate Branch Auto Group
New Mexico

PartsEdge Client Since: 2018


“Over the last 5 years at 2 different dealerships, I have utilized Partsedge in numerous ways to increase operations efficiency, tighten inventory, and eliminate obsolete stock. 

Working with the great PartsEdge team, I was able to reduce counter pad inventory totals from $130,822 to $84,668…freeing up $46,154 of nonproductive inventory.

Obsolete inventory went from $34,791 to zero! 

Increased productive inventory from 1.66% to 8.66%. An outstanding increase of 7%!

This dramatically improved service and parts efficiency. With the tools offered by the PartsEdge, I doubled my monthly gross profit dollar total within 16 months. I currently hold 10 out of 12 monthly sales / gross profit records for the dealership; including the “Best Ever” monthly sales record. 

Currently, as the parts director, I have brought the PartsEdge to all of my Auto Group’s Dealerships. I sincerely believe PartsEdge has been an invaluable resource in the pursuit to improve the operations efficiency of our parts inventories and return on investment. I would absolutely recommend their services to any dealership!”