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The Future of the Industry: The Age of Data

Computerizing cars has undoubtedly provided a new standard of luxury and ease of use for car owners. Some mechanics complain computers have unnecessarily complicated the car, making it more vulnerable to random glitches and reducing the need for third party repairs or updates. Regardless of opinion, the trajectory is clear; we’re racing toward an, even more, computer dominated transportation future. Seemingly, computerization has improved safety and the dawn of self-driving cars may make car accidents all but obsolete. One of these trends that rarely gets attention is the impacts of data collection on a level never seen before.


Data Collection and Safety

As computers in vehicles collect data on driver behaviors, weather conditions, and road conditions, they will more and more reduce the margin of error for safe practices in driving. The launch of autonomous cars will immediately save lives without necessarily preventing a single accident simply by collecting, translating, and applying data.


Data Collection and Human Behavior

Data collection isn’t new in the automotive industry, manufacturers are already collecting rather extensive data about their cars and the behaviors of the drivers. Manufacturers claim all data is being used for large schemas of safely and usability improvements, aka the “it’s FOR you” argument, but they don’t actually specify any restrictions on how they can use your data. As cars continue to resemble smartphones, it stands to reason that manufacturers may sell your data to companies looking to market goods- an idea not everyone is keen on.


Modern automobiles are changing the way we view technology and expanding into markets in surprising ways. How do you think data is being used? Is it ethical for manufacturers to be collecting such sensitive and private information?


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