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The Future of the Industry: Silicon Valley Disrupters

In the race towards the future car, manufacturers are sensing disrupt as they face a new and unlikely threat: tech giants. Although both Apple and Google have scaled back their efforts to develop a branded car, they have both continued to pour resources into autonomous vehicle research. All manufacturers know if they don’t stay on par with the self-driving frenzy, they’re likely to be forgotten. Some manufacturers have banded together in the hopes that by sharing data they can beat out up-and-comers. Regardless, fretting over the Silicon Valley competition may be hurting manufacturers more than helping them.

Future Tech vs Current Success

Everyone needs something in this situation: existing manufacturers need to evolve and technology companies need working vehicles. If tech mavens hope to enter the automotive industry they need partnerships with those that understand the history of the industry, how to manufacture and sell a working vehicle, and how to comply with national laws and regulations. On the other end of the spectrum, household car brands are losing prestige in the internet age where they’re still talking about top speeds and turning radius in their ads when the consensus is apparent: people want more than just a car- they want a digitally integrated experience.

If tech and established manufacturers partner early on, it just might save everyone.

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