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Future of the Industry: Software to Drive Your Dealership Forward

We just had the pleasure of attending NADA100, where we were repeatedly confronted with the assertion that providing an exceptional service experience is the most important factor in determining dealership profit. As it stands, however, the numbers show room for improvement. In fact, 94% of dealers feel that service experience is more important than repair, yet 83% of dealerships feel that their current systems don’t enable them to provide the superior service they want to offer. Taking advantage of the latest dealership software is crucial to providing a memorable experience and PartsEdge isn’t the only company dedicated to making this happen. Companies like DealerSocket and Cox Automotive are also on the forefront when it comes to offering innovative solutions to dealerships and creating technologies that streamline the car buying and service process, allowing for closer and more powerful client relationships.


Dealership software improves your customer’s experience

As much of the consumer experience moves online and instant gratification becomes the status quo (think Amazon same-day delivery), it’s important to ensure that your dealership is ahead of the power curve. Services like DealerSocket’s Precise Price tool allow customers to complete a large part of the car buying experience from the convenience of their computer. Precise Price is fully integrated with DealerSocket CRM, which enables customers to transition seamlessly from online to in-person service – saving time on both ends of the transaction.


Cox Automotive offers a similar, albeit slightly more extensive list of services including MakeMyDeal, which allows consumers and retailers to safely and securely start and agree to deal terms online. Their Digital Retailing solution even integrates MakeMyDeal into their secure credit application and F&I portal. According to Mike Burgiss, the Vice President of Digital Retailing with Cox Automotive, “If dealers treat online car shoppers as if they were in the showroom and use the internet as a communication platform, they will be successful.”

Harness available technology to set your services apart

The “customer first” mentality is as old as business itself, but sometimes the connection between your dealership’s internal software and your customer’s experience might not seem like much of a connection at all. But rest assured, every cog in the machine does eventually affect each of your clients – from the first time buyer to the vigilant service scheduler. A recent Gallup poll found that most Americans favor texting, email, and social media for communication. Has your dealership changed the way it communicates to customers? By keeping a keen eye on the technology available to you, your competitors (and your customers!) and consistently evaluating your process, you can get a leg up on establishing yourself as the leader in your market.

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