Marcotte Ford Success Story - PartsEdge
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Marcotte Ford Success Story


Jeff Denis – Parts Manager

Marcotte Ford in Holyoke, MA

PartsEdge Client Since: 2009









ABOUT MARCOTTE FORD: At Marcotte Ford in Holyoke, auto sales have been our business for more than 50 years. We are one of the premier Ford dealers MA has come to know and trust. We have assisted drivers throughout Western Massachusetts find dependable cars. Whether you are searching for new or used cars for sale or need to have your current vehicle serviced, we are the place to visit.


Why did you hire PartsEdge?

I was new at my position as a Parts Manager and was having trouble using the DMS system we had, I wasn’t fully understanding it and I wasn’t getting the help from the actual DMS support staff.

How has the service improved your parts operation?

One of the main objectives is to have the parts that you need in stock and the system that I was using was from a prior parts manager wasn’t doing what it should do on telling me what to stock and how to order. I went from having parts on the shelf that I couldn’t tell you why they were there (even though they were wasting money and resources), to now, where you can take any part off my shelf and I can tell you exactly why it’s there and how much it has sold in the past 3 months. When I need a specific report I can just email PartsEdge and nine times out of PartsEdge Blog Posts Photo (10)ten they already have that report or they create something custom for me. They develop custom reports (that would take me months to create) in days.

We had an issue where CDK did not update our parts pricing two weeks into the month and PartsEdge was able to create a custom report that showed just how much potential revenue was lost in that time. Because PartsEdge was able to create such a complex report with backing data, CDK paid upwards of $7,000 dollars in lost revenue to my dealership.

CDK had the same issue a few months later but because PartsEdge was already aware of the problem, they had added a step to their routine that caught the missed update and immediately sent a warning to CDK. They notified me of a problem I didn’t even know existed by letting me know they already solved it. Service like that is what makes PartsEdge truly unique.

How would you describe what PartsEdge does for you to other people in the industry?

One of the main things that PartsEdge does is automation. I no longer need to worry about manually updates to parts numbers in our system. PartsEdge scrubs my system and categorized all parts so when my team adds a part number, it will be put in the proper category automatically. On a nightly basis, my department would run reports and manually update part numbers in the system. PartsEdge has completely streamlined our system by assigning parts so that when reports are run, they are already in the right place.

Say I come up with something where I want a part to move from here to here, all I need to do is send PartsEdge an email, they will add that process to the system, and I never have to think about it again- the system does it automatically.

PartsEdge is the perfect mix of human and robot. They will automatically optimize inventory based on the data AND they also take personal input from the everyday operations to create a hybrid of human and computer.

Within a dealership, we are always looking for ways to cut costs and the last thing I would ever cut is PartsEdge.

marcotte-ford-partsedgeWhat aspect of the service has the biggest impact on your parts operation?

The responsiveness and knowledge on demand. When I need something, 99/100 I’ve got whatever I need within hours. There were times when I used to call CDK with a question and they would say it wasn’t possible and then I would call PartsEdge and they would find a way. Even really specific requests. When CDK says no, they say yes. Its to the point where I don’t call CDK for support anymore.

What can PartsEdge do to create a better experience for you?

Nothing. Whatever I want within the realm of parts, they accommodate in a timely manner.

Do you refer PartsEdge to others?

Yes. Whenever I’m out with other parts managers I can’t help but refer PartsEdge. Especially when discussing best methods for managing parts inventory. Of all the things I pay for, PartsEdge is by far the most valuable.