Shaun Raines is the Owner and Founder of Dealer SuperHero, a company providing digital performance management, marketing and creative services to dealers and vendors, as well as providing automotive industry advisory services, strategic planning and consulting for investors, companies and OEM’s.

In this Summer Camp Series episode of the Parts Girl Podcast, we dive into the world of parts and service departments in dealerships and explore how they can be revolutionized to provide exceptional customer experiences and boost profitability.

Insights from Shaun Raines: The Accessories Department

Today’s guest, Shaun Raines, an expert in fixed ops with a wealth of industry experience, shares valuable insights and recommendations for ensuring dealerships have a thriving accessories department. Shaun recognizes the need to cater to the growing demand for customized vehicles and explores why more dealerships don’t focus on this. Drawing from personal experiences, he discusses the allure of adding unique accessories to vehicles and the challenges faced when searching for the perfect parts.

The Importance of a Well-Functioning Service Department

He emphasizes the crucial role of a well-functioning parts and service department in customer retention and profitability. Shaun highlights the negative impact of a poor website experience on losing customer business and offers practical suggestions for improvement. From utilizing existing customers as leads to enhancing parts and service content and merchandising on websites, he sheds light on the path to success in fixed operations.

Struggles in Parts Management and Recommendations

Shaun Raines also delves into the struggles faced by parts management in dealerships, addressing issues such as obsolescence, idle parts, and the challenge of implementing e-commerce solutions. He recommends strategies to decrease costs and increase profitability, including establishing a private catalog and integrating it into the primary website. Additionally, Shaun encourages dealerships to start small by offering online sales for top-selling products and embracing digital advertising to promote specific parts.

Wrap Up: The Potential of Parts and Service Departments

So, whether you’re a dealership owner, employee, or simply an automotive enthusiast, this episode of the Parts Girl Podcast is a must-listen. Join us as we uncover the potential of parts and service departments in dealerships and discover innovative ways to enhance the customer journey, empower staff, and drive profitability.


  1. Train staff for top-notch service and customer retention.
  2. Boost parts’ online visibility and sales.
  3. Strategically address parts management for profitability.


“The service experience has to be better than the sales experience.” –Shaun Raines


Shaun Raines



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