Studying current trends to predict the future can be a tricky pursuit. With near-constant technological advances and the unpredictability of outside factors, it can be difficult to decipher what’s a long-term shift and what is, well, merely a trend. This month we’ll dive deeper into 2020 automotive trends to outline our pick for the top 4 long-lasting automotive industry trends.


1  The Digitization of the Car-Buying Process

We’ve covered it quite extensively in past editions for a reason. More and more car buyers expect to find, customize, compare payment options, and ultimately secure their vehicle entirely online. Of course, dealerships still attract car buyers and online buyers still need to pick up and service their vehicle at a dealership, but the days of haggling and speaking to your manager are all but gone. Today’s car buyers expect an extensive online portal, complete transparency, and little to no sales tactics. 


2  Electric Vehicles

Most experts agree: renewable energy vehicles are the future. We think electric cars will continue to dominate this trend, but regardless of the energy source, sustainability is all but guaranteed in the cars of the future. 


3  Automation

Self-driving cars are just the tip of the iceberg. Automation seems to be at the forefront of vehicle service with predictive maintenance and consumer vehicle connection with connected vehicles.


4 Subscription-model Car-Sharing

With the younger generation less interested in car ownership, the subscription model is popping up everywhere. We’ll admit, of all the aforementioned trends, this one is on the shakiest ground for long-term sustainability, but we do suspect some form of car-sharing will exist long into the future of transportation.


What do you think, are these the trends to watch? Why or why not? Leave a comment below!


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