Dealerships looking to adapt sustainability with the changing times face a tricky challenge; they must adapt before the old technology becomes obsolete, but not before the kinks are worked out of the emerging tech. With the current landscape of large-scale dealership consolidation, the pressure to get lean and evolve intelligently is stronger than ever. Dealers may avoid new tech because of the upfront cost, but some things are worth the pretty penny in the long-term. We explore ways to implement sustainable tech to help you decide what’s worth the plunge.

Altering overhead costs

In the effort of staying lean, dealerships would be wise to look at their operating costs as the first opportunity to streamline business. Many manufacturers have implemented LED technology in their facilities enjoying HUGE reductions costs. While the rollout may be expensive, the long-term energy-savings completely justify the cost. Similarly, implementing solar-power could greatly reduce energy costs in the long-term depending on your occupancy situation. 

Systematic Sustainability

Another less discussed method of sustainability applies to operations. By developing or implementing technology to automate all your processes from sales to repair, you can decrease unproductive time and increase customer satisfaction. This ties back to digitizing your dealership as well and ensuring your online shopping experience is accessible and enjoyable for customers. 

PartsEdge is a great way to create a sustainable system for long-term parts management success. We turn your inventory into more profit with a customized approach.

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