One thing experts across the automotive retail industry can agree on is that things are changing…and they’re changing fast. The trends of consolidation, an increased autonomous presence, digital dealerships, and shared mobility are all impacting the climate making for some rapid and industry-wide change. We take a look at the main disruptors shifting the market to make sense of the current trends and to develop an informed plan for the future.


Self-Driving Vehicles 

In 2019 there was a marked increase in semi-autonomous technology in the marketplace, and it’s fundamentally shifting the way car-buyers think about cars. Transportation is no longer about the experience of driving, it’s about doing as little driving as possible. Modern car-buyers more and more want less involvement and more upfront transparency. With this pattern in mind, manufacturers would do to conceive of vehicles more as AI and dealerships would be wise to focus on transparency and accessibility in marketing these new products. 


Shared Mobility

Rideshare services and car-purchasing apps are now an accepted fixture of the modern automotive retail world. Rideshares command a relatively small percentage of all transportation, but they, like autonomous vehicles, shift the mindset of passengers- seeing themselves as just that: a passenger. For dealerships, looking for opportunities to partner with rideshare services and drivers and accepting and app referrals will put you on the right track to morph with the shared mobility trend however it goes. 


Electric Vehicles 

The electric trend is somewhat predictable at this point. More manufacturers are investing in developing electric vehicles. For dealerships, this means staying up to date on parts and repairs and adapting marketing to target electric car-buyers.


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