Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told his employees he’s ‘very excited’ about the automotive industry following a $700 Million dollar investment in electric vehicle start-up Rivian. Amazon has also invested in Aurora, a self-driving tech start-up, continuing their trend of staking an ever-increasing claim in the future of the automotive industry.

With record dealership consolidation and constant change in the industry, it can, at times, feel as though the future for dealerships is grim. Amazon’s certainty that automotive is an industry deserving of investment reminds us of the consumer reality that cars aren’t going anywhere, they’re just evolving in shape and function. We must remember that recession proceeds innovation. 

While Amazon’s investments are a further indication of a steady march toward an electric powered self-driving vehicle and an expanding industry, it doesn’t give us many clues about the nature of the industry at large, since Amazon themselves would massively benefit from owning all aspects of their delivery operations. As a dealership planning for the future, find and maximize all opportunities to expand operations into electric and self-driving maintenance, sales, storage, and networks. 

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