Linda Paul

Parts Manager

Smail Honda

PartsEdge Client Since: 2003

“PartsEdge is an excellent company to help manage your parts inventory. They save me a lot of time and headaches and they are very easy to work with! They do all this magical stuff with their daily routines and provide daily reports so I can see what is going on day to day so that I can keep my inventory clean. My obsolescence has been less than 2% monthly for years now. That does not mean they do all the work because you still have to manage the inventory also. They not only help you with your inventory by they know a lot about the Dealer Management Systems (CDK, Reynold and Reynolds etc) and can help with setups that you might need or advise on what or how to do something. PartsEdge is all around a great company and my inventory would not be where it is today without them. We work as a great team together!