We are excited to share that Parts Expert and Guru, Chuck Hartle put together a 3-Day Advanced Parts Training in Phoenix AZ with Dealersedge. Geared towards Advanced Analysis and Planning Tools for Automotive Parts Managers, Chuck explored which inventory and source (Stock Group) controls are important and how to examine existing settings: sourcing; pricing, accounting, product isolation for reporting purposes. Most importantly, how to create best practices, customized to each Dealership, to help improve inventory control and profitability. Chuck also went over creating the “perfect” pricing scheme for your parts department: Where are your grosses coming from, what profit centers within parts? What is your gross profit on Menu / Grid priced items? What percentage of your sales are actually escalated (Matrix)? Lastly, as a group, we reviewed current pay plans to get an idea of what can be changed or adjusted. Working on the right pay motivates increased grosses without sacrificing idle growth.


Attendee Testimonials:


“Class format was very good and engaging. Topics covered are complete. Chuck is charismatic and fun to listen to. Open discussion format is important to keep up with an ever-changing market.”


“Enjoyed the class!”


“There were so many items that we went over. I took a lot of notes, wrote down ideas, and I am looking forward to the slideshow that we are sent out to us. I almost feel the class was designed with me in mind when I went through the class. I really enjoyed the day on with all the info in CDK and Functions that I would find very useful. In the end, I think this was a great class.”


If you’re interested in learning cutting edge inventory control, pricing and management strategies, this workshop is for you! There are talks of another training like this in September located in Minneapolis. Send us an email to reserve your spot!