With the dawn of a new year, we’re seeing lots of dealerships evaluate their options to see if a new DMS would better fit their operation. We’re all about Dealerships seeking and implementing the best technology, and, with such a big change, should come careful consideration. Here are some important questions to ask yourself when considering a DMS change:

  1. How much will training cost? We have found that a DMS change can cost a dealership as much as $5,000 per seat in lost productivity while learning to use a new system. Depending on the size of your Dealership, training costs alone might need to be a major factor when deciding to switch providers.
  1. What does the new DMS system have that your current system lacks? Is it something that could be imitated in your current system with some tweaking? It’s important to evaluate DMS’s provider’s promises carefully – just because a system is capable of a certain function doesn’t mean it will be easy to implement or reliable in the long run. Think of your current DMS: was there something your provider promised that turned out to be less than acceptable?
  1. Can the new system support an effective parts department? In our experience, many DMS focus on finance, insurance, service, and accounting, while putting far less effort into parts management advancements.
  1. How long will the migration take? Important to consider the switch itself and how it will impact your Dealership. By planning ahead, you can avoid hiccups and ensure a smooth transfer.

If you have already made the switch, you’ll want to run an audit to make sure all your data migrated. We have seen crucial data missing after the migration process, forcing some dealerships to operate for years without important historical information for everyday decisions.

If you’ve evaluated the costs and decided to make a transfer, congratulations! With new technology comes new opportunities. If you have any issues, get in touch! We’re here to help.