Uber is appealing to dealerships in new and innovative ways by launching Uber Central, a platform that allows businesses to manage multiple rides at one time. The program allows customers to request, manage and pay for rides for others. In a statement, Uber said they hope to improve customer service, management, and reporting with this new innovation.

For dealerships, the program could significantly cut costs and time to manage shuttle services. We give Uber props for making an effort to integrate with the current transportation industry and wonder what other ways Uber could be useful for modern dealerships.

As we’ve discussed previously, rideshare services create a huge opportunity for new clients as they increase the numberdrivers who depend upon their vehicles for income. These drivers are more likely to purchase or lease more often because, unlike taxi companies, rideshare services depend on personally owned vehicles. As a matter of fact, because drivers are putting so much stress on the cars they use, leasing just might be the best option to avoid extreme depreciation. Some manufacturers have already signed with Uber to allow drivers to funnel through their dealerships financing programs.

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