Self driving cars are right around the corner, and they just might replace human operated vehicles both in safety and cost. Although the obvious first thought is how they will impact auto retail, there are many other industries that may be deeply altered by the prevalence of this new innovation.


Why get a hotel, when you can travel while you sleep?

For the traveling salesman, or the family on vacation, hotel costs are typically the most expensive part of the journey. Not onlyfuture-of-the-industry-self-driving-impact are hotels costly, they cut into the time you have to get to your destination. Imagine if you could enter your destination into your NAV system, sit back, and sleep through the journey. Why stay the night anywhere?


The truck stop, evolved.

Hotels aren’t the only business to likely be affected by the change. If you’re effectively living in your vehicle, the new need becomes hygiene and refueling. Off-freeway convenience stores may serve a new purpose. Those riding in autonomous vehicles need a place to stop and shower, stock up the car fridge, or launder clothing. Where one opportunity ends, another is born.


Why fly?

Those who travel nationally frequently may find is easier, less expensive, and more convenient to take a ride in a self driving vehicle than fly. If your car can become more like your home, why leave it behind? All creature comforts can be neatly packed into what will surely become an optimized home-on-wheels.


The possibilities are endless. For hotels, it may mean altering their business model to fit the needs of an evolving customer. For car manufacturers, it could mean creating vehicles that can provide some of the comforts of home, and for convenience stores, what’s convenient may be changing. Is there a specific topic you want to learn more about? Let us know! Subscribe to our newsletter to follow our monthly future of the industry series!