Customer service in the automotive industry matters more now than ever, it truly is the lifeblood of your dealership. Customer service is not just an in-person ordeal anymore, it begins when a buyer searches online and concludes when they enter your dealership doors, informed and ready to make a final decision. Back in pre-internet days, buyers would visit multiple dealerships to compare pricing and service before making a purchase. Now, the average buyer today visits only 1.9 dealerships before making a purchase.  This means your online customer service is just as important as in-person because most of your customers are picking you online first.

What does stellar online customer service look like?online customer service

Great online customer service is providing answers to questions, before they are even asked. From the moment your buyers get online, they begin asking questions about not only the type of car they want and can afford, but also about the car buying process itself. Including features like financing calculators, price comparisons, and live chat operators on your dealership website make you a one stop shop for online car hunters. Tools like these help close the sale and present a strong online image. Imagine everything a buyer might ask themselves (and Google) before making a car purchase and create helpful materials for your online audience based off those things.

Another aspect of great service is creating a seamless blend between your online and in-person identity. When a customer has chosen your dealership, they need to feel like the standards and services match. Do a quick audit of what you offer online vs in-person, is there anything that doesn’t match?

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